Building Jim Clark’s Lotus 49

Originally intended as a commemorative gift for Jimmy himself, modelmaker Henri Baigent’s work took on an additional weight of importance in the wake of Clark’s death. Whenever I see these kinds of amazing artifacts being built I can’t help but wonder where this little marvel is today. At the time, Ford and Firestone provided Henri with technical drawings and even the appropriate rubber compound to create the model in 1:12 scale. Now if he’d just built 12 of them we could be driving it around Silverstone: That’s how this works, right? When the models are this exact I can’t be sure.

Via Motorsport Magazine [the best]

3 responses to “Building Jim Clark’s Lotus 49”

  1. Anzael says:

    Scaled models are good way to miniaturize technology. Build to scale they are prefect memento to remember.

  2. David says:

    I agree with u Anzael

  3. graham64 says:

    I wonder how many hours it took Henri to build the model?

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