Ride Along with a 1962 MGB in the 2012 Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix

The battles from the perspective of this MGB in the 2012 Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix are fun and worth a watch on their own (man, this driver works through the traffic!). More importantly though, take a moment to look at the setting: Look at those low brick walls, bridges, and the brief glimpses of the glass structure of the conservatory. Now appreciate that this event is not happening in Sicily in 1962, or Brescia in 1951, or Pebble Beach in 1955. This is a race you can go and watch next year. I still can’t believe that they pulled it off. I still hope that more municipalities will find the will and the passion to do the same. I look forward to attending the Central Park Vintage Grand Prix, the Detroit Belle Isle Vintage Road Races, the Hyde Park Historics, and the Lincoln Park GP Classic.

3 responses to “Ride Along with a 1962 MGB in the 2012 Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix”

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  2. Albert says:

    You need to come to Pittsburgh to see the full event. We’re now in our 35th year of the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix and the event keeps getting better every year. What started as a one day race in 1983 has now grown to be a 12 day automotive festival with the bulk of the events capped by not one but two distinct vintage racing weekends. And the proceeds of the event all go to charity. 2016 alone raised $405,500 for the Autism Society of Pittsburgh and the Allegheny Valley School.

  3. All I could think of was James Bond! And some elite classic persons! I love vintage much!

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