Racing with the Porsche Spyders 1955

Always shocking to see the stark contrast between the glitzy see-and-be-seen fanfare of today’s pits and the casual atmosphere of races of the past. Even a race like LeMans looks more like a club race weekend at your local track than the paramount international endurance event.

Lots of good footage of the LeMans race itself. Rare to see color film from this event. Even with all of the 1955 LeMans disaster documentaries and media analysis, almost everything I’ve ever seen of the race has been in black and white.

3 responses to “Racing with the Porsche Spyders 1955”

  1. Gary Mason says:

    Watching this makes me wonder how more spectators weren’t killed in those days. I was in jeopardy many times that way (look at the photos I sent you), and never fail to shiver when I see film like this.

  2. michael A Jacobsen says:

    Wonderful film starts with Nurburgring, goes to Goodwood, eventually LeMans. Lots of shots of Von Frankenberg; rare to see the EMWs from East Germany. Great post.

  3. john says:

    Fantastic stuff – thanx for sharing.
    Man, things usta be so cool…

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