Out and About in Porsche 906

The team at Canepa says, “The last of Porsche’s “street legal” racecars was the 906. With dealer plate in hand we went out to test that theory.”

I wonder what the other drivers on the road thought of this blood orange beauty appearing in their rear-view mirror.

4 responses to “Out and About in Porsche 906”

  1. Mick says:

    c’mon mate….car was just coming on cams and video stops

  2. mike says:

    need a longer video…please

  3. Wonderful video… I enjoyed while watching this one… Thanks a lot!!!

  4. Captain Ned says:

    I knew I had seen this car a long time ago and it finally hit me. At age 4 (1968), my big Christmas present was an old-style 1/32 slot car rig. The two cars were a blue Chaparral 2D and a silver 906.

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