Slip Sliding Away on the 1954 Minnesota Ice Races

Ice racing still happens on the frozen waters near St. Paul, Minnesota. But seeing Siatas and 356s and Allards wheel to slipping wheel is no less a tremendous sight out on the ice in this film of the St. Paul Winter Carnival Winter Ice Races of 1954.

As with many of the races of the period, I’m always astonished to see the variety of machines out there mixing it up. Not just sportscars of various sizes, but several American hot rodders joining the race as well

Worth watching just for the onboard from director Tom Countryman—who was a fixture in the upper-midwest vintage racing scene for decades. It really shows the delicate balance required for this very different kind of off-road racing. Glorious.

Thanks for sending this in, Paul!

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  1. Ronald Sieber says:

    Is the a source of information on ice racers? I am researching Model T and A racers and need to locate photos, race results, participants.

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