Ride Along for the Targa Florio’s Last Hurrah

These onboards from the Targa Florio during the practice period are always harrowing. When you see the occasional shepherd and daily Sicilian traffic it’s not hard to see why this footage from 1973 was the last year of the event. Let’s ride shotgun with the Claude Haldi/Bernard Chenevière Porsche 908. Almost a shame we can’t see the lovely Toblerone livery of this unusually red P-car. The car didn’t make the main event due to blowing an engine in practice. Easy to believe from where I’m sitting.

Porsche908-3 of Bernard Chenevière and Claude Haldi - 1973 Targa Florio

2 responses to “Ride Along for the Targa Florio’s Last Hurrah”

  1. WSK says:

    Yes, the red would be very unusual for a Porsche- if it WERE a Porsche, which it is not! It’s a Ferrari 312 PB and the footage is from a French short documentary called “Un Rallye Hors Normes”. It’s a treasure- go watch the whole thing!

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