Ebay Spotting: Mille Miglia Ephemera

Mille Miglia Ephemera

I’d love to say I just stumbled upon this stuff, but the truth is I’m typing “Mille Miglia” or “Targa Florio” into eBay’s search fields more often than I’d like to admit. In that moment between hitting “search” and the results load, I say a silent wish that someone out there is just cleaning out grandpa’s attic and has some marvelous little trinket from one of the classic races. Ideally they don’t know what they have. This person, however, does know that he has something special—hence the $5,200 price tag. Still worth it if you ask me. The Press grille badges alone could be the centerpiece of a collection. More information at the eBay Lot Detail Page.

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  1. Dancebert says:

    Way cool. I take it you’re unaware that one can save ebay searches and be notified by email when something new matches the search? http://pages.ebay.com/help/buy/searches-follow.html#email

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