1959 Santa Barbara and Riverside Road Races

I was at a concert last night and invariably as the artist takes the stage, people’s phones come out and they start filming. My first thought is, “You’re never going to watch this poorly recorded video with poorly captured audio. Put your phone away and dance!”

But then I think of things like this 8mm film of the 1959 runnings of the spring and summer sessions of the Santa Barbara Road Races and Riverside… I’m sure at the time, people standing around this person thought they’d never watch the films. Other spectators were thinking that instead of enjoying the day of racing, our filmer here was lost in the camera’s eyepiece. And for what? Grainy film with no audio… Fifty hears later, however, I think of this document as absolute treasure and the person that recorded it as a hero.

Maybe I should lay off the people holding their phones over their heads filming all the time.

3 responses to “1959 Santa Barbara and Riverside Road Races”

  1. Gary Mason says:

    Good stuff. But ran out of film just too early! Big iron, Stirling Moss, … 🙂

  2. C says:

    What a great film. Nice to see the beautiful slender vintage bodies (cracked me up)….and the cars are great also

  3. […] * No sound, no narration, but plenty of spinning out in this 13-minute sampling from the road races at Santa Barbara and Riverside in 1959. (via) […]

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