A Collection of Mid-50s California Racing Film

4 responses to “A Collection of Mid-50s California Racing Film”

  1. Great stuff. But sad seeing Ernie McAfee in Doheny’s Ferrari and OSCA. I think the green Arnolt Bristol coupe belonged to Lee Marvin.

  2. Peter Linsky says:

    Great old film, many of those cars are still vintage racing today. I loved seeing the BAT Alfa at :47, Pete Lovely’s Pooper throughout, and Skip Hudson’s #92 Speedster at 13:52. Can anyone identify the strange yellow roadster parked nose to the camera at 2:10?

  3. michael A Jacobsen says:

    Starts with Glendale, which was ’55. Lovely and Phil Hill won; the turn with so many spins Jack Douglas described as “one part sand and two parts chicken fat.” Then TP–Gregory’s Maser won after Hill retired. Santa Barbara where Ernie took both mains, Fm in the OSCA and the big bore with the 121 LM. The shots of that car at the very end of the PB section are the only photos I’ve ever seen of the wreck. Good shots of Thompson’s 2nd place Vette, and Lovely reaching back to work the Pooper’s throttle by hand. Jack McAfee won after Kunstle, Ernie and Pete had car troubles.

  4. michael A Jacobsen says:

    Forget to answer Peter’s question–the yellow car is Winter’s “Halliday Renault Spl.”

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