In the Can-Am Pits: Road Atlanta 1972

Let’s walk among the trumpets and crazy wide slicks of the 1972 Can-Am paddock at Road Atlanta. Maybe I over-romanticize the history of motor racing—okay, definitely—but wandering among the teams here looks much more like any amateur vintage race happening this weekend than the velvet-rope, VIP charade of top-shelf racing in the modern era. You can argue safety and engineering advances, but you’ll never make me believe that fan access is better now.

More at Mac’s Motor City Garage.

One response to “In the Can-Am Pits: Road Atlanta 1972”

  1. john says:

    I dont think you ‘over-romanticize’ atall ; you merely recognise [accurately] how great it was then, and how much it sucks now. Thats all.

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