1963 Highlands Rally

We frequently bemoan the fact that the modern reinterpretations of classic road races have reduced these once thrilling spectacles to timed rallies. But the timed rally has its own rich history as demonstrated here by this remarkable document of the 1963 Atlantic Sports Car Club Rally. If you prescribe to the theory that sports car clubs fundamentally transformed from casual social clubs that had fairly inclusive low-key timed events and gymkhanas, to racing clubs that focused solely on competition; then that return to the more social events is perhaps a welcome return to the roots of sports cars clubs. If those events look a lot more like this Nova Scotian rally, I’m for it.

2 responses to “1963 Highlands Rally”

  1. yrhmblhst says:

    How utterly, totally and completely cool! Love thiis – dirt roads, cool Corvairs, broken Brit cars and all. besides, who wouldnt like to rally where dogs work controls?!?

  2. WOW! What an incredible video. I like the more social based type events that focus less on the competition element. Thanks for posting!

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