Justin Lapriore’s 2015 Amelia Island

This spring the Amelia Island Concourse d’Elegance celebrated its 20th year. For the past three of them Justin Lapriore’s videos have become a bit of a tradition for the Florida island community as well.

It’s wonderful to see that in much the same way that the Amelia Island event has grown into one of the premier concours in the States, Justin’s videos have followed a similar trajectory. I look forward to them each year, and although a few months have past since the event, post-production—just like a concours level restoration—takes time.

(Thanks for the editing eye, Craig.)

3 responses to “Justin Lapriore’s 2015 Amelia Island”

  1. Gary Mason says:

    Most of my top 25 list were there. Add a Scarab, FAZ, Mark I Sprite, Lotus 18 and 23, and Stanguellini, and we’re there. 🙂

  2. Craig Yirush says:

    Thanks for posting.
    PS Should be its 20th not it’s.

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