1959 Santa Barbara and Riverside Races Home Movies

Another can of film has made it out of the attic and onto YouTube. Rejoice! Here is the Owens Family’s footage from 1959’s Memorial Day Santa Barbara Road Races, The Kiwanis Grand Prix at Riverside, and The Labor Day Santa Barbara Road Races. How is it possible that this footage has been up for over a year and only has 28 views? Can’t we do something about that, readers?!

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  1. john

    Fantastic! Metric tonnes of cool cars and the cameraman obviously had a fine eye for feminine backsides too…Absolutely historic footage ; not only enjoyable but probably valuable reference material to owners and fans of some pretty significant vehicles I noticed in there. Really great.

  2. Peter Linsky

    What was the problem at the right-hand hairpin at SB? Did someone dump a load of oil? Seems like everyone had a problem getting through OK…

  3. Peter Linsky

    My first experience at SB (Goleta airport) was in 1965, and I attended races there until 1967 when I left the state. Then, when I moved to SB in 1971, the races were gone…I was sorely disappointed! That huge hangar eventually housed the “Super Guppy”

  4. Luc Ghys

    Pedro Rodriguez in the 250TR #5 (+/- 2’20”) and taking a picture of Miss Corvette (+/- 12’45”)

  5. tony adriaensens

    great footage … love Miss Corvette!! –

  6. Peter Linsky

    What is that strangely-bodied F/M special #189 at 7:08? The wheels say Porsche 356.

  7. Peter Linsky

    At 7:07 of this video, there appears a very interesting F/M coupe #189. The race results say the driver was a William Moreland. I am very interested in this car, described in the race results as a “Porsche Special Coupe” and its owner. Can anyone help me track it down? anyone learning m

  8. michael A Jacobsen

    The Porsche Spl. was owned by Bill Morlang and had a Super engine ahead of the rear wheels. It is profiled in Rolofson’s “Sportscar Specials” (Trend #178). The Guppy hangar wasn’t yet built in ’59–when it was, it covered the portion of the track that connected the two lane road parallel to Hollister to the back stretch, and necessitated eliminating the non-airport part of the course (a few shots of this stretch are in this film!) MJ

  9. Peter Linsky

    Thanks, Bill! I will look for him now, and try to find the Trend issue. Was that the full name of the publication? Do you have a copy? Please shoot me an email at linsky911@comcast.net

  10. Milo Temesvar

    Sterling Moss at 13’00”?

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