Replica Porsche Driver’s Jacket

Reproduction Porsche Factory Team Jacket

This may be old news to some of you, but somehow passed me by. I can’t let that happen to anyone else.

Porsche is offering this remarkable reproduction of the jackets that Porsche’s racing team wore in the late 60’s. Available now from the Porsche Drivers’ Selection store. A bit steep at $480—but would sure love to see amateur Porsche vintage racers sporting these trackside this year. I’ve been searching for a perfect vintage-style racing jacket for years, and this might be closest yet if you’re looking for that late-60s look.

Also available in burgundy for those with less adventurous color palettes.

Porsche factory driver's jacket

More information at Dedeporsche.

2 responses to “Replica Porsche Driver’s Jacket”

  1. Paul Thompson says:

    They do look great, as seen at this years Goodwood MM

  2. Fyshe says:

    Its nice to see that this jacket has come back. Keep up the good work guys

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