Moss and Hamilton on the Parabolica

Stirling Moss and Lewis Hamilton demonstrate that there’s still a few serviceable stretches of Monza’s legendary Parabolica banking. I would have thought that Hamilton would have been struggling to keep that W196 that high up the banking at these speeds but he seems positively casual about it. Doesn’t Moss look great nestled into the seat of that marvelous 300 SLR W196R Streamliner?

Edit: Thanks for the correction, Gary. I should have known better than to trust the YouTube uploader

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  1. Pilote

    Rubber is an amazingly grippy thing–better than skin in a Flintstones car. šŸ˜‰

  2. Gary Mason

    Of course there were no 300SLRs in that video, only the W196 open wheel and streamliner. The latter was not liked by drivers because of the lack of visibility. Wonderful cars and wonderful memories.

  3. Harlo

    Thanks for the correction Gary. I’m updating the post now. That’s what I get for believing the uploader!

  4. michael A Jacobsen

    Looks as though Mossy was getting tossed about a lot more than Lewis–surprising if the flat was more bumpy than the banking itself.

  5. Simon Potter

    Would I be correct in saying these Mercs would have never raced on the Monza banking? From what i’ve read, the banking was constructed in ’55 – Mercedes pulled out of motorsport after the ’55 Le Mans crash – I wonder if they would have raced at the GP later in ’55 or did their withdrawal come into effect immediately?

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