The Beast of Turin Takes a Spin at Goodwood

Just watching the Beast of Turin’s engine fire up a few months ago was flabbergasting. To see her spin around the grounds at Goodwood is downright magical.

It’s jarring to see a racing machine that is as tall as a man’s shoulder. Climbing up on to the seat of the 28.5 liter Fiat S76 is more like perching in a biplane than easing down into a low-slung racing car. You emerge from a car like this with your whole body numb from the battle—shaking and tingling for hours afterwards.

That pheasant barely made it out with his life.

Thanks for pointing this one out, Ryan.

3 responses to “The Beast of Turin Takes a Spin at Goodwood”

  1. Wow this is really cool! It’s hard to believe that race cars used to look like that. “The Beast of Turin” must have been quite the sight back in its prime.

  2. Brian Lawson says:

    i love classic car . id rather drive The Best Of Turin than a lambo . I wish i had that body shaking xp

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