I’m Only 37 Years Late for this 911R

 911R #11899 005R in the 1969 Tour de France

911R for sale in Oct. 1977 PCA NewsletterThis ad for a Porsche 911R for sale in the October 1977 is one of those astonishing pieces of text that you have to read several times before it quite hits you. Daniel Cole sent this in after he uncovered the clipping during a Porsche Club of America history project he’s working on.

$12,500 in 1977 is $51,235.34 in 2014 dollars. I don’t know the last time that the ex-Siffert 1967 Porsche 911R #1899 005R changed hands, but I’m guessing it was a touch more than $50 Grand.. More than 10x that I’d imagine—maybe 20. Maybe I should phone up the current owner The Collier Collection’s Revs Institute and make an offer.

Thanks for sending this in Daniel!

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  1. zappertista

    RT @TheChicane: I’m Only 37 Years Late for this 911R: This classified ad for a Porsche 911R for sale in October 1977… http://t.co/enweX8…

  2. Fred

    Around that time I pulled a loan so I could buy a 1971 MGB for $2100. No way could I afford that Porsche.

  3. Avianti Jewelers

    I’d get it

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