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Jimmy Clark in Ford Model T Sprint Car

This photo of Jim Clark in a Model-T Sprint Car almost breaks my brain. It only makes sense for Jimmy in the context of the celebrations surrounding the Indianapolis 500.

This photo was included in a Ford press release for the race and their 495 horsepower V8 that would power the Lotus-Ford in the race. What better way to showcase Ford’s history with the 500 and demonstrate 48 years of automotive engineering maturity than to contrast these two racing machines—each at the pinnacle of technology for their time. Magnificent.

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3 responses to “A Vintage Racer Vintage Racing”

  1. Ronald Sieber says:

    That’s a Model T speedster. Never made by Ford Motor, incidentally. Looks like it might be a Faultless or Ames body. These were sold to young gearheads who wanted to make a “Fast Ford” T sports car in the 19-teens. Lots of speed parts companies started in this period to feed this hobby. Origin of the American hotrod movement.

  2. Captain Ned says:

    I get the idea, but to see a Lotus 38 in black & white is somewhat jarring.

  3. Jim Smith says:

    By the cars in the background I would say that this shot was taken in the UK, before the car was flown to New York. The car went to a test day before it left, Snetterton? This was before its mirrors were fitted.

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