To Build, or Not to Build…

Unassembled period Porsche 356 model

I’m glad this isn’t mine. I would agonize for months over whether I should build this or not. Intellectually, coldly, logically I know that this should never be assembled. I know that tearing these pieces out of the bag and glueing them up would never result in something as beautiful as it is now. But then I would wake in the night, dreaming of it, and have to fight hard to not reach for the Testors.

via Gmund 356

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  1. Pilote

    Build it. We only go around once. Enjoy the ride.

  2. zappertista

    RT @TheChicane: To Build, or Not to Build…:

    I’m glad this isn’t mine. I would agonize for months over…

  3. 2050-Z

    This should be mounted, disassembled, in a shadowbox on the wall of your office/garage/museum. The model version of this:

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