Sounds of Sebring 1957

The Riverside record company, in addition to a large catalog of musical acts, also put out a number of LPs of auto racing field recordings. Perhaps the most well known from their discography are the “Sounds of Sebring” series from 1956—1962.

For the 1957 outing, most of the pre-race interview chatter centered around Corvette’s effort for the race, which brought a huge unknown into pit lane. The concensus among the drivers and teams interviewed (including de Portago, Phil Hill, Briggs Cunningham, Huschke von Hanstein, Shelby, and others) was one of excitement that a huge manufacturer like General Motors was starting to enter European-style sportscar racing. Perhaps it’s just the American-centricity of the production and interviewer, but the interviewees really seemed impressed by the power and speed of the new Vettes. There were doubts (correctly so, as it turns out) as to whether they could go the full 12 hours, but it’s fantastic to see an as-it-happened impression that Chevy was making with people around the circuit.

Despite the gossip and chatter, Maserati was heavily favored and with Moss and Fangio in different cars, the only question was would the smaller 300 of Moss/Schell or the bigger 450 of Fangio/Behra take the checkers. I won’t spoil here, but it’s all there in the audio above.

I’ve started to track down the original LPs of these Riverside releases and when I sit in front of the turntable with the headphones on I imagine what it must have felt like for racing fans around the world—and particularly the United States (who had limited access to racing media)—for whom these recordings were the most visceral way to experience the race without actually venturing to the track. What a thrill it must have been to lie of the floor of a dimly lit room with stack of racing reports and magazine clippings spread out, hearing these astonishing engine notes for the first time.

You can almost hear the footfalls as the drivers run across the street and leap into their cars for the famous LeMans-style start. Glorious.

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  1. Gary Mason says:

    I used to own this, around 1960. Great sounds. I also had another – CubanC Corners I think. And don’t forget the classic – Ustinov at Gibraltar. Ah memories. 🙂

  2. Robert E. Richer says:

    If you look on the back, you will see that I was one of the producers. Wonderful times, hauling around massive Ampex recorders and miles of cable. Had talks and became friends with many of the world’s great drivers. Of course, I still have original pressings of all of the Sebring races that we recorded.

    • Gary Mason says:

      I congratulate on that sir. Very entertaining stuff. I have not watched this yet, but I do remember, at the end, I believe, the comment about Fangio driving the Bazooka up the straight – pure joy!

  3. Stirling Moss, Phil Hill, Carroll Shelby and The Marquis De Portago

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    • Robert E. Richer says:

      Am not aware of the reissued package. Is there more info available?

      • Ace records in UK has the rights and did a small run of CD’s for me. I got Barret Clark to do the liner notes “riverside goes to the races” ,cover art by Bob Grossman. These are some left overs from the 90’s, $100 each 4 cd set with booklet

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