Toyota 2000GT Crushed by a Falling Tree. Nooooooooo!

Toyota 2000GT crushed

An unnamed 28-year-old driver was passing under the limb of a beech tree in the Gokayama area of Toyama Prefecture at the exact moment that the tree decided to call it quits. The driver escaped with minor injuries; which is something of a minor miracle when you see the damage to the passenger compartment in this photo.

What makes it all the more frustrating is that this tree has been identified as a potential hazard, but local historic preservation in the area barred its removal.

More (if you have the stomach for it) at Japanese Nostalgia Car.

5 responses to “Toyota 2000GT Crushed by a Falling Tree. Nooooooooo!”

  1. Captain Ned says:

    Ugh. Putting that back together may well be impossible. The real question, though, is “did Kissy Suzuki survive”?

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