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Low Tech Elf

The problem with digital photo archive tools is that there’s often little context, little attribution, and even less backstory. As a result, I don’t know anything about this image that I stumbled upon on Pinterest (or maybe it was Tumblr) and all image searches just lead me back to other pins or tumbles.

What I do know is this: Red Bull isn’t going to just tip over their Formula car and see what’s going on under there. This glimpse of race (low) tech of the past was a common thread that united hot rodders and shadetree mechanics with the pinnacle of motorsport. Now you’ll see greater kinship between Formula 1 technicians and aerospace engineers.

The same was true then, of course; but aerospace engineers and shadetree mechanics shared that kinship as well!

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  1. Mario Moreira

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  2. Carol Quiniou

    Probably Monaco…

  3. Smith And Allan

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  4. Carol Quiniou

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  5. Christian Krumm

    Seems to be the Societé des Automobiles Alpine 1972 in Monaco. With the number 50 Patrick Depailler has won the Formula 3 race in an Alpine A364 Renault.

  6. Christian Krumm

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