72nd Goodwood Members’ Meeting Televised this Weekend

Grover Williams Trophy start

In case you thought that Goodwood started and ended with the Revival and Festival of Speed, these photos from the 72nd Member’ Meeting demonstrate that the Goodwood Road Racing Club is a non-stop vintage racing extravaganza. To help make sure none of use ever forget it, this time the Meeting will be televised in two half-hour shows on Channel 4. Sunday’s episode will feature the Gerry Marshall Trophy for Group 1 touring cars; the Surtees and Moss Trophy races; Group B rally; and turbocharged Formula 1 cars. Next weekend it’s the astounding all-Bugatti grid you see above.

It’s times like this (and of course when the actual events are happening) that I wish I lived in the UK.

Tony Gaze Trophy start

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  1. AngloCarSales

    72nd Goodwood Members’ Meeting Televised this Weekend http://t.co/fCIwj62VzJ

  2. Captain Ned

    Is that every remaining running real Bugatti on the planet?

  3. Bradley Morgan

    Bradley Morgan liked this on Facebook.

  4. Mike Jacobsen

    Capt. Ned: Nope! In 2003 Monterey had a Bug only race with 45 entries, only 3 of which were modern recreations; I wonder how many are genuine cars in this Goodwood race?

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