More Camoradi at Sebring (and Elsewhere)

The earlier post of John Shea’s photo of the 1960 Sebring Camoradi Porsche 356 piloted by Joe Sheppard made me start digging around for more of the Camoradi effort at Sebring. This is some marvelous stuff narrated by Camoradi cofounder Fred K. Gamble. What a priceless insight into the formative years of America’s “olympic motor racing team”. Feel free to skip to about a minute 15 in to bypass the introductory text.

That’s part one of the video above, continued in part two below. Magnificent.

3 responses to “More Camoradi at Sebring (and Elsewhere)”

  1. compuglobalhypermeganet says:

    ~ great amateur footage narrated by the Iron Man. this is the way i like to watch racing.

  2. Pilote says:

    Good footage–love the sports racers. Gamble mentions many names I hadn’t thought of in years. McCluggage’s GT win was really impressive!

  3. Jim Van says:

    Really great stuff and with the added bonus of play by play! A special bonus to me as a Milwaukee area resident is that both Jim Jeffords and Bill Weusthoff were/are automobile dealers in the area. Jim and his sons sold their Porsche/BMW/Audi franchise a few years ago but Bill, who began in 1955 with his brother, Herb with VW is quite active with a Porsche/BMW/MB/VW, etc. franchise and still gets track time at RA, where his company sponsors a driver’s school for charity.

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