Cobra Ginetta Sandwich

Cobra and Ginetta at Brands Hatch - 1967

Yipe. This photo by Trevor Legate that he captured at Brands Hatch in October 1967 shows that roll bars aren’t just for rolling. As I understand it, no injuries—not for lack of trying.

via Nigel Smuckatelli’s Flickr.

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  1. Jonny Shears

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  2. Peter Linsky

    Interesting air ducting on the Cobra’s rear fenders. Contemporary videos show Cobras getting nose-light at speed, wonder if this driver thought venting air from the rear quarters would help hold the tail down a bit…. Does this car still exist?

  3. Patrick Kukla

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  4. Marcin Wil

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  5. Ted Sodergren

    Had a similar (but less dramatic, thankfully) experience at Blackhawk Farms a couple of years ago. The side of my roll bar prevented the left rear wheel of a Formula Vee from hitting me full-on as it climbed up over me. I got a really good belt on the head and a nice tire mark souvenir on my helmet but it could have been a lot worse. Let’s hear it for Bell helmets and chrome-moly tubing!

  6. Bradley Morgan

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  7. EJ Fournier

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  8. soramame6r4

    Cobra Ginetta Sandwich

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