eBay Watching: Mille Miglia Stage Winner’s Trophy

Mille Miglia Trofeo Franco Mazzotti

It’s always fascinating to dig through eBay (the world’s attic). The seller of this Mille Miglia Trofeo Franco Mazzotti doesn’t specify the year, the winner, or much else about this piece of Mille history, but it sure does make this red arrow fan’s pulse climb a bit. The Brescian silversmith’s marks at least lend it a bit of tantalizing authenticity.

More details (well, not really) on the auction listing page.

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  1. GarageStyleMag

    Wow! Someone buy this thing! The history and collectible value of this piece will only grow over time. What in… http://t.co/4qkpvR32Hv

  2. Dan Cole

    There are actually two of those on eBay at the moment. One to a Porsche 550 pilot.

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