Does Shell Still do These?

One response to “Does Shell Still do These?”

  1. Mike Jacobsen says:

    Nice! I don’t think so, Harlo. I guess that’s Sir Mossy at the top, then testimonial from Hawthorn–I’m amazed a picture of the LeMans accident is included! Fangio’s face lower left (I think), with Brooks’ Siracuse Connaught front, followed by Cooper Bobtail (Beub?) and then Fangio’s Lancia-Ferrari. Which ERA, still winning hillclimbs in the mid 50s? Patrick Lindsay? And a trio of Cooper 500s (maybe an 1100 JAP in there?). Might take some digging to find who’s in the Testa Rossa–not Hill or Gendebien. And the biker–no idea!

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