Triumph at the 24

Let’s ride along with team Triumph at the 1961 LeMans 24 Hours race, shall we? I don’t know why every TR4 owner doesn’t have their car painted in this livery. That huge gumball on the rear decklid is such a bold graphic statement that it makes other early-60s racing graphics immediately look so stodgy by comparison.

You know that I love seeing this track action, but the first segment of the film in the pits almost does more to place me in the era. After all, we’ll be able to attend events and see many of these very cars race again, but will be ever be able to wander the pits like this? Just another reason why I hope Goodwood’s ethos of embracing the entire era catches on with more vintage racing events.

Thanks for sending this one in, Mandy!

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  1. Peter Linsky says:

    Whatever became of the factory team of TRS’s that ran LM? Didn’t they have some sort of trick cylinder heads, DOHC or the like?

  2. note the wonderful electronic brain at 18:00!

  3. Peter Linsky says:

    Finally made time to watch this excellent video in its entirety, and it answered most of my questions… All three TRS’s finished well…but what happened to them? Were they raced at all after LM? Do any survive?

  4. stagecoach66 says:

    Here’s a link for one of the TRS cars being restored – lots of interesting details:

    and yes, the TRS cars had DOHC nicknamed “Sabrina”..

    • Peter Linsky says:

      Thanks for the link, S66! It’s great to learn that these very special cars are in good hands. I smiled at the very appropriate name “Sabrina”…Could have just as well been named for Diana Dors! Over here, someone would have likely honored the cam cover shape with an M for Marilyn or J for Jayne!

      I hope that when this car or its siblings are finished and running, that we’lll have a chance to see it/them on track at the Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion or on display at PB or Amelia in their proper LM livery.

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