Shelby Daytona falling off the Transporter

At least I didn’t have as bad a day as these guys did a few years ago.

Props to Rick Ostman for posting this image to the Vintage Road Racing Archive Facebook group.

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  1. Bradley Morgan

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  2. Jonny Shears

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  3. Phil Knudsen

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  4. ChrisBruce1985

    You would think the guys at Shelby would have been clever enough to use wider ramps http://t.co/eDWwV9rr9U

  5. Frank Levin

    Didn’t those guys know how much that Daytona Coupe would be worth in fifty years?

  6. Kiss Attila

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  7. AngloCarSales

    Whoops. http://t.co/9omPSDBkWH

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