James Dean Racing at Santa Barbara, 1955.

6 responses to “James Dean Racing at Santa Barbara, 1955.”

  1. Mike Jacobsen says:

    This film was made during practice as is evident by stock MGs running together with the Cannon Offy special and Dean starting next to John Porter’s 550.

    • Lee Raskin says:

      Mike Jacobsen: James Dean @ SB 5/29/55 4th race S1.5 litre –included FP,GP, HP & FM,GM,HM cars (MGTC -Specials – Porsche 356/550). This rare footage shot by the late John Edgar shows the grid positions for the 4th race as ‘drawn from the hat’ — not by class or qualifying times. Dean’s Super Speedster was #33 — not Jerry Conroe’s # 41 Speedster which is shown next to John Porter’s #169 550 Spyder at the start. Lee Raskin, Porsche historian/author

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