Maserati Ancestry

Maserati monoposto lineage

As we embark on Maserati’s centennial, this chart tracking the genetics of the 1950s Maserati Grand Prix cars is fascinating. At the time, this might have demonstrated the storied history of Maserati in contrast to the post-war upstarts who’s garages started producing racing machines. Today, however, we can look back at this as quite the opposite: The slow death of Maserati’s monoposto efforts.

Imagine if we could have added another 50 years to to this dynasty of single-seat Maserati racers.

6 responses to “Maserati Ancestry”

  1. Gary Mason says:

    My favorite marque. I still think, overall as that name or as OSCA, this family did a remarkable job. Especially given the times they lived in.

  2. mt says:

    Ah, one of the famous V8/blog scans

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