Scenes from the Woodcote Trophy Race. Goodwood. 1952.

The start of the 1952 Woodcote Trophy. Goodwood.

José Froilan Gonzalez. 1952 Woodcote Trophy. Goodwood.

Seeing vintage images from Goodwood really drives home how good a job the Goodwood organization has done in keeping the spirit of the old track very much alive. I can almost shift these photos to color in my mind thanks to the coverage and imagery from the contemporary Goodwood races.

Some of these photos (maybe all of them?) are by Alan Smith, who has prints available at Rosenstiel’s.

via Librarying.

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  5. Frank Levin

    What a great photo of the Tony Vandervel “Thin Wall Special,” which evolved into Vanwall F-1. I remember these races from when I was a kid.

  6. Pilote

    Hey! The BRM V-16 started–and finished–a race!

  7. EJ Fournier

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  8. Mike Jacobsen

    Beauts! Tony Vandervell stands next to Farina in the Thinwall, which was a 4.5 Ferrari GP car, not really the ancestor of the Vanwalls! Gonzales, Farina and Parnell (?) smoke the tires! Bob Gerard in his Cooper Bristol manages to make the second row!

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