A Farewell Road Trip with a Legend

Goodwood TV tagged along with (now former) Ecurie Ecosse collection owner Dick Skipworth as the 1959 Commer TS3 Ecurie Ecosse transporter made her farewell journey to the Bonhams auction in London from Buckinghamshire. Two days later the iconic transporter brought in a staggering £1.7 Million. I’m more interested in the passing of stewardship from one enthusiast to another than I am in the loot it brought in… And Dick is a true enthusiast. You can tell that this was a bittersweet moment for Dick and I love seeing this wistful interview with him.

I echo Dick’s sentiments when he expresses his hopes that the transporter, and the entire collection, goes to a new home and owner that will use them properly. He frequently describes the transporter as practical and useful. Just like classic racing cars should be used to race, classic racing car transporters should be used to transport racing cars. Only time will tell if Dick’s dreams for the future of the Ecurie Ecosse collection come to pass.

I haven’t seen any further confirmation of this, but Dick Skipworth seems to think that the transporter, C-Type, and D-Type all went to the same Stateside bidder—which is fantastic news (for those of us on this side of the pond). The fact that Dick’s son took home the Sprite is also a wonderful result!

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Edit: Just this morning, Sports Car Market confirmed that the C-Type, D-Type, and transporter did indeed all go to the same U.S. buyer!

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  1. Pilote says:

    What a sight, rig, and colors! (I can’t get enough of Ecurie Ecosse Blue). A D-Type and C-Type atop the transporter!
    I hope they make it to Goodwood for many a year, regardless of which side of the pond they live on.

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