Liveries Matter

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  1. Peter Linsky says:

    Bill is still around – perhaps he could explain the strange color choice?

  2. Ted Sodergren says:

    I really like it. Then again, my race car is brown and orange.

  3. F1Jester says:

    Here are some clues from the photo and caption. Everyone in the photo is wearing brown overalls. One of the “speed tuners” is named Ray ‘Brown’. I watched a lot of Columbo when I was young.

  4. John Mabee says:

    Well, they did misspell the last name of the owner. F1Jester gets the prize. Ray Brown picked the colors. At the time of the race, Jaguar still owned the car, but it left there to go to Midland, where Joe had it promptly repainted! πŸ™‚

  5. Mike Jacobsen says:

    I believe “Racer” Brown used this scheme on his hot rods. I don’t think any of the monthly mags of 1953 printed photos in color other than their covers. Note they had new coveralls in brown with “Jaguar” on the back–this was surely the first Jag they ran.

    • John Mabee says:

      Dad said it was on the cover, but he cannot remember the name of the magazine. Interestingly, he says they blew the engine and had to do a complete rebuild after the race! πŸ™‚

      • Mike Jacobsen says:

        Al Coppel’s account of Golden Gate states Pollack retired while running 4th with a broken clutch; shortly thereafter he finished 2nd to Stroppe at Seattle in the car. I hope someone IDs the mag.

      • Mike Jacobsen says:

        Allow me to correct myself–the car Bill drove at Seattle was not the Maybee car, but another XK C.

  6. Harlo says:

    After digging around, I believe the shot is from Auto Sportsman magazine, but I’ve so far been unsuccessful in finding the particular issue.

  7. Mike Jacobsen says:

    Autosportsman–right! I think this was a very short lived publication that was a venture by Dick van Osten, who had edited Auto Speed & Sport for Peterson, which ran for only a year; AS may have published only 4 or 5 issues, one of which had an “obit” for the Carstens Allard in color inside; and of course, Dick was Pollack’s boss!

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