What It’s Like to Own a Miura

Marvelous to hear this interview with Colin Gilmore-Merchant at a Goodwood Breakfast Club event about his experience with his Lamborghini Miura. Such a miraculously beautiful machine. Even with Colin simply standing next to it, it looks as though it could take flight at any moment.

4 responses to “What It’s Like to Own a Miura”

  1. Pilote says:

    Nice to see that it gets used, and has some patina therefrom.

  2. Peter Linsky says:

    Caution all users:
    The link to Variety (Mille movie) appears to be corrupted…Check to ensure that your firewall hasn’t been switched off.

  3. […] In the closing seconds of this clip Colin GM says he was given this actual pair by a complete stranger…… What It?s Like to Own a Miura | The Chicane […]

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