Stanguellini Formula Jr on eBay

Stanguellini F Jr for sale

Stanguellini F Jr for saleYou don’t see Stanguellini Formula Juniors pop up on eBay very often. This 1959 example looks lovely. The car was restored in 2004 and has only had a handful of races in the time since.

My usual sources aren’t turning up specific race history for this chassis number but given the solid history of Stanguellini in FJr, there’s a strong chance that there’s some fun stories back there. While this example is unlikely to have any laps turned by well-known Stanguellini racers like Bandini or Von Tripps; with only a touch over a hundred of them made I suppose it’s possible. At least that’s what I would tell myself while I sat in this one in my garage, goggles strapped on and mouthing high revving Fiat 1100 noises.

There’s 6 Days left and reserve not met at $75K. More info on the lot detail page. As always, if it’s little and Italian, Cliff has details for you.

Via Etceterini’s Facebook Feed.

6 responses to “Stanguellini Formula Jr on eBay”

  1. Peter Linsky says:

    Neat old race cars, and pretty rare. You may recall that one was stolen, along with its trailer, en route to the Monterey Motorsports Reunion a couple of years ago. I don’t recall seeing anywhere that it had been recovered.

  2. M Needforspeed says:

    rare, yes, but reserve price is too expensive in my opinion .Seeoing all the expenses to come to get a neat chassis ready to race .
    And there have been 150 chassis built. Reserve price is high, very high, seeing the declining prices on historic race cars.

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