Fixer Upper

For Sale

I bet somebody got a damn good deal on this one.


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  1. Ted Sodergren

    Think of the parts value alone in today’s dollars!

  2. Lucas Webb

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  3. Tam McPartland

    Dave Ridenour sold this car to Ted Peterson. Here’s Peterson at Riverside in 1962:

  4. Tam McPartland

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  5. EJ Fournier

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  6. Chris Youra

    Where is it today?

  7. Chris Youra

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  8. Jonny Shears

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  9. Peter Linsky

    There are several Lister-Jags active in vintage racing today…Is this one of them?

  10. Alan M. Prentiss

    Dave Ridenour? Vacaville?

  11. Steve

    Didn’t I see Danny on Counting Cars, stop this guy and try to buy it off him…

  12. Tom Wayne

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