Martin Squires’ Automotive Illustrations

Martin Squires - Cooper 500

Illustrator Martin Squires’ sketches from the car, motorcycle, and vintage machinery shows he attends are absolutely delightful. I’ve tried many times to capture this kind of quick gestural linework and trust me when I say it isn’t easy. You might think that this quick sketch aesthetic isn’t as challenging as pouring over an illustration table for hours or days but I’d suggest that it’s even more difficult to do well.

Martin Squires - Lou's Cannon gasser

Just try nailing the proper contours of a Cooper 500’s bodywork in one quick, confident swash of an ink pen; or conveying the correct proportions of the wheels to the exposed engine to the suspension bits of a hillclimbing special (particular one that you may just be seeing for the first time). These things are not easy. I’d rather have some time to pencil it in, adjust, erase, re-draw, adjust, erase. I’m continually impressed by this kind of rapid freehand work.

Check out Martin’s site for more. Prints and sketch books are available at his shop.

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  1. Pilote says:

    Love the way these drawings capture the spirit or feeling of the cars.

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