Goodwood to Live Stream the Revival

Ford GT40 grid

Welp, my weekend just filled up. For the first time, Goodwood will be live streaming the Revival all weekend long. Now you’ll be well-placed to take in all the events at a level of breadth that the highlight shows simply can’t cover. I’m particularly looking forward to the Whitsun Trophy race featuring an entire field of GT40s. I am so so, so, so very excited for this.

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  1. MiketheCarGuy1

    Yeah, this is happening! Goodwood 2 Live Stream Revival incl the Whitsun Trophy race with an entire field of GT40s!!

  2. Tom Moran

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  3. Slappy War Pilot

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  4. Steve Lepper

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  5. Pilote

    Great news! Thanks for the heads-up, Harlo. I will BE THERE, virtually.

  6. Peter Boyd

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  7. Berno de Jong

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  8. Steven Denfeld

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  9. Paul Bastyr

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  10. RWDDesign

    @TheChicane Oh man, best news I’ve heard in a long time! That is AWESOME!

  11. Gabe Plageman

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  12. veryjohnnymarr

    La Meca este fin de semana para el peregrino: #Goodwood !!!

  13. CianHa

    Goodwood to Live Stream the Revival

  14. Bboonie

    Goodwood to Live Stream the Revival

  15. racersdrive

    Goodwood to Livestream the Revival for the first time! Excellent news!

  16. Snapperpc

    RT @Bboonie: Goodwood to Live Stream the Revival

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