Birdcage on the Track

Here it is, the best reason you’ll see today for having quality speakers attached to your computer. This… This is why you don’t put a soundtrack over racing car footage. Just listen to that Maserati hum.

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  1. Michael Pressley

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  2. Vernon Knutson

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  3. Bob Angone

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  4. Ted Sodergren

    There were three cars that created the gulf between me and my high school buddies with their flathead Fords…The Tipo 61, The Ferrari Testa Rossa and the Scarab. I’ve never bothered to try to fill in that gap.

  5. Peter Haynes

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  6. Sandeep Banerjee

    If I ever come into a lot of money, I’m going to track down and purchase a version of this car. Right now, I can’t even afford a quality 1:18 diecast of it.

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