Dizzying Collection of Werner Bührer Illustrations

Werner Bührer illustration

After yesterday’s Lola T260 illustration post, KABay was kind enough to point us to this treasure trove of Werner Bührer’s illustrations of racing cars for Powerslide Magazine (and republished by Road & Track) ed: Thanks, M Needforspeed. Once I saw it, I knew I wouldn’t be able to let it just sit there in the comments: This is front-page material!

Thanks again, KABay

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  1. Dave Pool

    Indelible connections to a) my youth and b) cover-to-cover savoring of each issue of R&T.

  2. George Loizou

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  3. Larry Fulhorst

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  4. M Needforspeed

    In fact, all those where first published on POWERSLIDE swiss mag.I have some detailed drawings of Buhrer from 1967 .He even draw Formula 2 cars in detail.
    I think Powerslide had an agreement with R & T, so the US mag cld use them.

  5. Harlo

    Thanks for the correction, M Needforspeed. Updating now.

  6. Keith Gernert

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  7. racersdrive

    Dazzling display of vintage F1 Illustrations courtesy of The Chicane.
    http://t.co/OsGm7owI9p http://t.co/CnpN0umXsd

  8. Lubin Palmer III

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  9. Four-Links – motorhome landspeed, transporters miscellany, get ready for snow, International Car Forest of the Last Church | discount-rims.info

    […] * Finally, Harlo at The Chicane dug up a trove of Werner Bührer illustrations. […]

  10. K. Scott Teeters

    Warner’s art inspired me to become an automotive artist. I loved all the hand written notes in the between spaces of his art. He made technical illustration BEAUTIFUL!

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