Minimalism is Overrated

Werner Bührer Lola T260 Cutaway

Be careful trying to take in all the details of this glorious Werner Bührer illustration of the iconic L&M liveried Lola T260. You might just get lost in it. Pro tip: click that image to make it large enough to really take in.

What magnificent work on display here. I’m a fan of what Road & Track has been doing with their redesign and relaunch, but I hope that they don’t forget to also look to the past. It’s a shame we don’t have these kinds of gatefold spreads in car magazines today and I can only envy those that could spread this October ’71 issue out on the living room floor and lose themselves in it for an hour or so.

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  1. Pilote

    You can never have too much minimalism. One of the great paradoxes of life!

  2. Pilote

    p.s. @ Harlo: Agree that R&T is somewhat improved with new editorial policies and look. But I miss “R&T Classic” too much to go on. Will let my subscription lapse. Maybe try Grassroots Motorsports or, more likely, Vintage Motorsports.

  3. Michael Wooten

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  4. Larry Fulhorst

    Road&Track should print a book with ALL the work he did for them!

  5. Larry Fulhorst

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  6. Zach Topoleski

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  7. Marcel Rauschkolb

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  8. William Innes

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  9. KABay

    More here–werner_buhrer_040/page/1/
    although they don’t size ‘up’ as nicely.

  10. Yuthawee Ariratsadorn

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  11. racersdrive

    Back in the Day Lola 262 Schematic & Drawings courtesy of The Chicane

  12. Dizzying Collection of Werner Bührer Illustrations | The Chicane

    […] yesterday’s Lola T260 illustration post, KABay was kind enough to point us to this treasure trove of Werner Bührer’s illustrations of […]

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