Filmkooperation’s 2012 LeMans Classic

LeMans Classic 2012 from Filmkooperation on Vimeo.

I particularly enjoy the atmosphere and anticipation in the first half of this video piece. You know that my blood gets pumping seeing these classic endurance racers on their home turf, so that really says something.

I love seeing the drivers rehearsing their leap into the car. You can almost taste their excitement that they’re actually going to do a LeMans start. They’re actually going to run across the road and fly into the pilot’s seat; reaching for the shifter and the ignition and the clutch, while somehow maneuvering into their safety belts with a HANS attached. I hope that the LeMans Classic always preserves the running start—even if only symbolically.

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  1. Jimmy Murphy

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  2. Vincent Murillo

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  3. Patrick Taff

    Love it, but why oh why do videos like this always seem to have music playing when most of us gearheads only want to hear the engine sounds.

  4. Jonny Shears

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  5. Michael Wooten

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  6. Peter Linsky

    Great video. Several of the Porsches seen on this clip are on hand this week at the Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion.

  7. Robert E. Richer

    Great stuff. AWFUL use of music! What a distraction.

  8. CollaVerglas

    Filmkooperation’s 2012 LeMans Classic via @feedly

  9. splod

    Waaaay cool . . . .

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