Bob Alexander’s Amazing Lego Racing Cars

Bob Alexander's Lego Racing Cars

It’s almost hard to believe that you can achieve these contours and this level of precision with humble Lego bricks. Bob Alexander’s classic racing car sculptures transcend the medium and become marvelous feats of tabletop engineering that reflect those of the subject matter.

They’re simply stunning.

Now Bob, where are the build instructions? I want need that Lotus 25 on my desk.

More on Bob’s Flickr via Looks Like Good Design. Thanks for the tip, Paul!

19 responses to “Bob Alexander’s Amazing Lego Racing Cars”

  1. Carlos Jalife says:

    Man amazing!!!
    Do you have any sort of rough instructions for the Porsche 917. My son would like to build me one with some colour variations (Pedro rules, Siffert is good but not the top man) for my birthday. Or at least the basic measurements so he can figure how much stuff buy at the Lego store, we are assuming it should be about 1/24th scale so so, is that correct?
    Great work!!!

  2. nice blog i appreciate your effort.

  3. Cameron says:

    Instructions for your braham BT24 please

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