Who Says a Speedster Isn’t Sensible?

Porsche Speedster Surf Rack

All it takes is a creative mind and the will to make your classic your daily driver. Groceries? Surf Boards? No problem.

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  1. Ted Sodergren

    Surf board? Groceries? What are you talking about? Oops, yeah, now I see…

  2. Nick Daffern

    Not to be a buzz kill but by the windshield, it looks like a ’59 Convertible D.

    Nice rear end though!

  3. Victor Varela

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  13. Dan Mullin

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  14. Don Fatzinger

    I think if you look closely, this is a 356B Drauz Roadster, not a Speedster- high windshield, “B” taillights and roll-up side windows. A rare beast, but not a Speedster..

  15. Mike Morgan

    actually this picture reminds me of a picture of a Lotus & I saw years ago, up in the Alps at a ski resort with skis strapped across the windshield and a roll bar

  16. racersdrive

    Who Says a Speedster isn’t Practical? Not The Chicane. Check it out!

    http://t.co/sQOnA04ocF http://t.co/eezcPxJMEM

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