Fangio’s W196 Brings In $29,650,095.

Fangio's Mercedes-Benz W196

Ladies and Gentlemen, the ex-Fangio Mercedes-Benz W196 is the most valuable motor vehicle ever sold at auction with a final price of $29.6 million.

I have been guilty of complaining about the skyrocketing prices of classic racing cars (after all, I’m still a buyer in this equation). I have complained about speculators buying these cars simply as investments rather than as an expression of their passion for motorsport… but if ever a car deserved the title of “the most”, it might be this one.

More at Bonhams.

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  1. TheChicane

    Fangio’s W196 Brings In $29,650,095.

  2. kingoden

    RT @TheChicane: Fangio’s W196 Brings In $29,650,095.:

    Ladies and Gentlemen, the ex-Fangio Mercedes-Benz W196 is the most valu… http://t…

  3. kingoden

    This car is immortal. @TheChicane

  4. Riccardo Execrable Orsini

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  5. Steven Uhlman

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  6. Pilote

    Makes a near-perfect, say, ’63 Giulia Spider Veloce look positively reasonable at, say, $100K.

  7. EJ Fournier

    Mind blown

  8. EJ Fournier

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  9. Roger Sanborn

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  10. Nick Collins

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  11. Rémi Dargegen

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  12. Jonny Shears

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  13. Steven Cabales

    That’s all? History like this should never have a price.

  14. Chris Thomas

    Totally agree Steve. How did this fall short of the 250 GTO sold last year… Prancing Horse factor?

  15. Pete R. Hernandez

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  16. Steven Cabales

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  17. Chris Youra

    No problem with it, but at that price it’d be nice to enjoy it on the street every now and then. GTO’s trade privately.

  18. Automobiliac

    For once, I think this price was totally justified, considering every example is in a museum, and this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to get this car. everything about it from the history to the design and technology behind it legitimizes the value of the piece.

  19. soramame6r4

    Fangio’s W196 Brings In $29,650,095. ファンジオのW196が約38.5億円で落札されたという話

  20. TheRetromobilist

    Here’s the same car, but then at the Nürburgring 1954 and driven by Fangio on a photo from my archive.

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