Now Where is That Ventilation Flap Control?

Alfa Giulietta Dash Instruments

Refresh your memory on where to disengage your bonnet lock release with these scans from the Alfa-Romeo Giulietta owners manual.

Alfa Giulietta gaugesDropping the top on your Alfa Giulietta Dropping the top on your Alfa Giulietta

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  1. Pilote

    “Air-conditioning fan control?” I think not. But then, it’s a British manual.

    Among the mass-produced sports cars that I drove in the early 1960’s, the Giulietta/Giulia was my favorite. A willing engine, a hoot to drive, and you didn’t have to assemble the top.

  2. Pilote

    p.s.: and thanks for the post, Harlo. Brings back memories.

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