Track Map of the Past: the Ring

Nurburgring mapWith the future of the Nürburgring in some doubt these days, let’s hope that this map is still good for another 86 years.

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  1. Captain Ned

    My fear is that some sheikh from Abu Dhabi will buy it to make it his own personal playground.

  2. Steve

    It saddens me that authorities, without any thought of historical heritage, can just rip a piece of it away. As a retired Coach Driver and long time supporter of motorsport, who used to take my passengers on excursions around the ” ‘Ring”, I’m devastated they are even contemplating it’s decimation…
    Ironicall brings to mind Brooklands, the German Company Mercedes, saved the remains of that track…

  3. RudyD

    It’s never gonna be the same as before, but since it’s too dangerous for most modern cars, that’s not a bad thing.

    At least on the computer it can stay as it was – and driven safely. Even the Suedschleife was built, which is a treat!

  4. Thumos

    Old sign with track map:

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