Mystery Moretti Card

Mystery Moretti trading card
Yesterday’s Siata card from the Topps World on Wheels series reminded me of this trading card that our pal Cliff picked up on eBay a while back. The card was shipped to him from Canada, but he has no other information about the card or whether it’s part of a larger set. The dual French-English text on the card’s back might suggest that it is indeed Canadian in origin… but then the imperial measurements in the card’s text throw me (I just realized that this card would obviously pre-date Canada’s conversion to metric in the 70’s). Does anyone know anything more about this card or the set it’s part of?

Pretty badass little car too. The Moretti is definitely one of those barchettas that it’s difficult to visually scale without something in the image for reference. In this illustration the Moretti looks like a decidedly Italian sport tourer, sharing much in common with Ferraris of the era. Take a look at one with a driver, though, and you realize what a tiny little machine it truly is. I love it.

Mystery Moretti card backFrom the card’s reverse: This little sports car is made in Italy, and it is a lightweight model sports car weighing only 1120 lbs. It is made by Fabrica Automobili in Turin, Italy. The new model delivers 75 bhp and has a top speed of 111 mph. It gives an amazing 39 miles to the gallon.

7 responses to “Mystery Moretti Card”

  1. Pilote says:

    I believe the Canadians used the British Imperial system until they converted to metric.

    Link to a blogpost of mine about a Moretti which came within a whisker of disappearing before it was restored:

  2. Peter Linsky says:

    I’ve never seen a Moretti roadster of this type, but one in coupe form has appeared at the Monterey Historics. It is a TINY car!

  3. Cliff Reuter says:

    I gave this great card to the present owner of the car shown who is located in Florida. This is a one off car as far as we can tell and it had some very nice racing history in California. I’m wondering if Pilote knows the chassis number of the Moretti shown on his blogpost?

  4. Pilotes says:

    Nope (chassis number). I can ask. It’s in Europe now, the former owner believes.

  5. Pilote says:

    @ Cliff: chassis number is 1297. Listed in Jarl deBoer’s “Registry of Italian Oddities” in 1989, am told.

  6. Cliff Reuter says:

    The De Boer book lists 1297 as being owned by Tanner, Fronrath and Larry Nobel in Il….

  7. Pilote says:

    @ Cilff: Noble is the restorer. He sold it to somebody Stateside. He believes the car is now in Europe, although he hasn’t kept track of it. So that’s two owners (at least) since him.

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