Reader Photos: Peter’s Mitty Paddock

Peter Hoag took some time out from his duties with Regogo Racing to walk the paddock at the Mitty a few weeks ago and sent in these wonderful images of some of the competitors in various stages of preparation for their run. We tend to focus on the action on the track, but often the most fun at a vintage event can be had just wandering around the paddock spotting the cars, chatting with drivers, or listening in as two competitors hop out of their machines and rush to congratulate one another and recount their on-track battles.

The cars are what lured me in to vintage racing but the community is what keeps me going back every summer. Thanks for sending these in Peter!

2 responses to “Reader Photos: Peter’s Mitty Paddock”

  1. what is the no. 23 in the fifth image? something like a 914?

    • Harlo says:

      That looks like the front of a 914 to me too. A lot of custom work around the windscreen, unless it’s some racing variant that I don’t know about.

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